Service Sunday 11.30am Wigtown Parish Church

Notices for week beginning Sunday 14th April 2024

These notices provide information about what is currently happening in Wigtown Parish Church and around. The Church of Scotland website provides regularly updated information at


  1. Sunday Services:

10 am Kirkcowan Parish Church. 11:30 am Wigtown Parish Church. Led by our worship leaders.

11:30 am Wigtown Baptist Church.


  1. Monday: Drop-in 10:30 am – Noon, Wigtown Church Hall, Lochancroft Lane. Drop in for a cuppa and a chat. All welcome.

Ninian Moment Noon, Sacred Heart Church.


  1. Wednesday: Zoom Conversations, 7:30 pm. Please ask for a link if you want to take part.


  1. Thursday: Choir Practice, 7 pm, Kirkcowan Parish Church.


  1. Saturday: Newton Stewart Singers Concert, 7:30 pm, Wigtown Parish Church.


  1. Next Sunday Services: 10 am Kirkcowan Parish Church. 11:30 am Wigtown Parish Church.

11:30 am Wigtown Baptist Church.


  1. Machars Basics Bank: Whatever you can donate is gratefully received. Thank you for your



  1. Ekwendeni Hospital Donations: Box/List under the table at the back of the Church and at the Drop-in until the end of April.


  1. Keep up to date with what is happening at the Wigtown Parish Church and Wigtown Baptist

Church Facebook pages.


How you can donate to the Church

Your giving to Wigtown Parish Church or Kirkcowan Parish Church will help us to continue our on-line and in-person ministry and ensure that we are sustained, equipped and resourced to face the future.

Follow the link below to the Church of Scotland donations page.

  1. Choose a congregation you wish to give to and ensure that you click the donate to a congregation button
  2. Opt in to gift aid (applicable to UK taxpayers only)

3 Complete your donation which will bring you via PayPal but also allows you to donate with a card.

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