Church open

The Church Building is now open on all Weekday afternoons.  This commenced at Easter.    Someone will be there to show you around if you wish.   Please feel free just to drop in.


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  1. Bryan Kilpatrick says:

    Dear sirs
    I’m recently started researching my family history and have traced my ancestors back to Wigtown. I’m planning a vist in the next couple of weeks to take a look around, especially the old gravestones. Never having done this before, I’m not sure what permissions I would need to take a look through the parish records. Any help or advice you can offer would be much appreciated.
    Kind regards
    Bryan Kilpatrick

    • Andrew says:

      we would be happy to help if we can. I will copy in Donna Brewster who knows the most about parish records. I run a bookshop/cafe Beltie Books @ 6 Bank Street, which is the road going down to the kirk and kirkyard, and we are open every day except Tuesday, feel free to call in and introduce yourself,
      kind regards

  2. Dear Andrew,
    So delighted to meet you and Donna at your church open afternoon.I am so pleased as a visitor interested in all things Ninian to have gained access to see the carved stone mentioned in the guide books.As intold you when we first came upto the church my face fell as there seems to be no obvious way in.However as we move our car in order to go on the walk to Martyrs stake I immediately noticed the church open sign .Bless you for this and please tell your session how important this is in order to provide a welcome for visitors.It seems obvious to me that we are in an age of increased interest in spiritual things.It is surely important to welcome all those in to a place where there should be free literature about the purpose for this sacred place and who it iss dedicated to.All things should point to Jesus who is the only way,truth and life to the Father.I was also impressed with the literature on display about your church and its history.I find on the whole Scottish churches are very poor at this .May I also suggest a prayer tree as you come in that visitors could attach a prayer to and your prayer team could commit to pray for for the following week.I think there is room for a martyrs pilgrim route that could take in the cells at the council building,your church and the martyrs stake walk.Is there a leaflet available anywhere that draws it all together .People could go away with it.Seed would be sown.Also if that sign didn’t get put out we would have no way of knowing that the church would be open.Could you put something on the gate so people would know and Pam their time in Wigtown around it ?As we passed the first time we saw a family walk around looking to see if it was open too.Sonwe are not an aberration.Also some more info on old St Machute’s church would be good and his link to early Christian influences in the region would be important too.It’s the first thing I was drawn to and the first thing that I looked for was a specific information board about it.I pray you will get the support required for these developments both physically,spiritually and financially!
    Again it was a delight to meet you both and definitely a God appointment for us.May you have many more as you open yourselves up and offer a welcome and hospitality in true Celtic fashion.
    Peace and Grace
    Carol and John Cameron

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