Baptism is a privilege, and it is the parents’ responsibility to enable the church to baptise with integrity . Family and friends are warmly welcomed to share in the service of celebration.

Baptismal Service

  • Parents, God-parents and child meet with minister in vestry before service then escorted in.
  • Opening Hymn and Prayer Minister–
  • Meaning and Institution Parents/Guardians—
  • Promises Congregation—Promises
  • Baptism
  • Prayer and Hymn.
  • Children to Sunday School and Crèche.

Thinking it through
• Are you ready for the baptism of your child?
• Are you willing to take your place in the family of faith? If you have any further questions please contact:

Rev. Eric Boyle, Minister
Ph: 01988 402314

Please download the following for advice:

Wigtown Baptismal Booklet 98

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